David Key, a resident of Hampstead, NC, is a Sound Artist, creating original works in the medium of sound. David is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, performing on a variety of wooden flutes, frame drum, keyboards, and soprano saxophone.
A classically trained saxophonist with a Master's degree in music, David has been creative as a teacher of music, nurturing young musicians from kindergarten through college. Along the way, he wrote a textbook published by Prentice Hall, "The Creation and Re-Creation of Music." He has created improvised chamber music in the duo Starling, performed original Latin-influenced jazz in the Joe Parillo Ensemble, and done a concert tour of South Korea performing with the Rhode Island Saxophone Quartet.
David has spent the last 18 years exploring world music, wooden flutes, sound and healing, meditation, and Native American spirituality. The music he creates combines drumming heartbeats, powerful wooden flute melodies, field recordings of wind, rain, peeper frogs, and ocean waves, and any sounds that feel like they fit, no matter how unusual. His music often comes from meditations or journeys, or is improvised or created in the studio, allowing the creative process to direct the outcome.
A 2004 Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholar, David traveled to Japan to study the culture and educational system of that country. While there, he re-connected with his long-held desire to learn the shakuhachi bamboo flute.
David uses the shakuhachi, along with vocals and a variety of other instruments, to create beautiful soundscapes that energize and relax at the same time. Listening to his music is said to be like taking a shamanic journey. Some say that David's music creates an instant Alpha state.
David performs as a soloist at libraries, yoga centers, art galleries, and workshops, at concert venues, and for ceremonies. His original compositions leave his listeners relaxed and energized at the same time, and his welcoming style helps his audiences have fun with new sounds and new experiences.