George Dussault - Guitars, Keyboards, Lead Vocals and stuff:

George Dussault is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer and composer. Over the last 15 years his work in each of these fields has been featured on countless CD releases and in hundreds of live performances. As a music educator, he teaches guitar, bass and music theory to over fifty students weekly. He also runs Galilee Productions, a full-service commercial recording production facility in Rhode Island, where Spiney Norman records. As a producer and engineer, he has helmed projects that have been nominated for ten Grammy awards.

His fascination with music started in early childhood, and thanks to a musical and supportive family. By age 5 he was proficient on drums and after years of hearing his father strum, expressed an interest in the guitar. He began lessons at age six, and went pro at fifteen. During that time he also learned bass, piano, and mandolin.

In his preteen years he also developed an obsession with recorded sound. Rather than playing with toys, George was often to be found messing around with old reel-to-reel tape decks, often recording himself playing all the instruments on a particular song, at other times producing quite avant-garde sound collages. In 1991 he started his first professional recording business, quickly getting his productions of his own and other artists music on local radio. His career in music as steadily grown since then, and he has no intentions of turning back.

George owns a home in Pawtucket, RI where he lives with his wife and three children.

Rick Morin - Drums, Percussion, Harmonica, Keyboards and stuff:

Rick got the initial urge to drum from his late father, a professional jazz drummer, Joseph Morin. In his professional life he traveled to many countries, often taking young Rick with him. This began Rick's ongoing fascination with the rhythms of other cultures and nations.

Rick's father began to teach him, and by all accounts he was a demanding teacher, tough and yet always encouraging to strive for improvement and higher learning. After his untimely death, teenage Rick carried on learning the art of drumming, playing in several bands in many styles of music.

He became a drum and percussion instructor, quickly establishing himself as a master of the art of teaching as well as playing the instruments. With his strong people skills, confidence and total lack of inhibitions, he went on to found Innerythms, a program designed for children and adults which encourages them to explore their own rhythm within a group environment. Through Innerythms, Rick received a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council Roster for Education Programs. Additionally, he was the recipient of a grant from the Maine Community Foundation for a dance / percussion performance with the Ram Island Dance Company based in Portland, Maine.

In addition to working with Spiney Norman, Rick continues working regularly on outside recording and live projects. Rick is endorsed by Latin Percussion, Remo, Sabian and Vic Firth. He lives in North Attleboro, Ma, with his wife, son and one gigantic dog.